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April 29, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Harmony Public Schools San Antonio continues to work tirelessly making the transition to Distance Learning more manageable. You have seen some updates to your child’s Google Classrooms since our first roll out.

  • All Assignments are now posted Monday at 7:00 a.m.
  • All Assignments are now due on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (504 Plans and IEPs are followed)
  • Each week’s assignments, necessary materials and lesson plans are now posted under the “Classwork” Tab
  • Assignments are numbered in the order they should be completed
  • Grades are given as of April 13, 2020 in Google Classroom
    • PreK-Kindergarten will give grades using the current assessment factors in Skyward
      • E: Excellent
      • S: Satisfactory
      • N: Needs Improvement
      • X: Not Assessed at This Time
    • 1st-12th Grades will no receive numerical grades in Skyward during distance learning (Quarter 4). Students will receive one of the performance indicators below based on Google Classroom Progress.
      • E: Excellent 80-100
      • S: Satisfactory 70-79
      • N: Needs Improvement 0-69
      • I: Incomplete- For students who do not interact with their Google Classroom
    • Each week a temporary Quarter 4 indicator will be assigned as an overall Pass/Fail/Incomplete indicator based on the scholars Google Classroom performance.
    • HSE-SA teachers are currently offering live tutorial support Monday through Thursday when your child needs additional support in all content areas. The following schedule continues through May 22, 2020.
      • PreK-11:00 M-Th
      • Kinder Sessions-9:00 and 3:00 M-Th
      • 1st Grade Sessions-12:00 and 2:00 M-Th
      • 2nd Grade Sessions-10:00 and 2:00 M-Th
      • 3rd Grade Sessions-9:00 and 12:00 M-Th
      • 4th Grade Sessions-10:00 and 1:00 M-Th
      • 5th Grade Sessions-1:00 and 3:00 M-Th
    • Guidelines on the number of hours per day of work are established, if you find your child is working more than this in a day on school work please contact your child’s teacher.
      • Grades PreK-5- 2.5 to 3.0 hours a day
      • Grades 6-8- 3.0-3.5 hours a day
      • Grades 9-12- 3.5-4.0 hours a day

We hope that these updates will make things a bit easier for you when planning your daily routine.  Please stay healthy and safe.

Distance Learning Expectations- Scholars 

Virtual Tutoring Norms 

Camera On

❏ Maintain school appropriate behavior even through you are at home

❏ Ensure you are fully dressed and presentable in accordance with Harmony Free Dress Policy.

❏ Only Harmony Scholar should be visible on camera

Mic Off

❏ Ensures there is no background noise or outside distractions, unmute yourself to speak

Communication Spoken or Written*

❏ Show up on time and use appropriate and respectful language at all times.

❏ Use tools such as “raising your hand” and chat features if you have questions or want to answer a question.

Quiet Place

❏ Remove distractions, such as going to where there is less background noise and turning off your phone

❏ It would be best to post a sign on the door/computer for sibling/family to see “Tutoring in Session”

❏ Use headphones, provides privacy and better speaker microphone quality

❏ Turn off your phone

❏ Select a good location with a power supply

Materials Ready

❏ Have paper & pen nearby before the session begins

Minds On

❏ Be ready to engage in learning

Other Encouraged Norms 

❏ Have questions pre-written before tutoring session begins

❏ We encourage scholars to work in a quiet room away from distractions

❏ It would be best to post a sign on the door/computer for sibling/family to see “Tutoring in Session”

Virtual Tutoring Discipline Procedures 

Camera On

❏ Verbal Warning

❏ Turn Off Camera

❏ Sent to Waiting Room (Message with what child needs to do to return to class-with a set time limit)

❏ Remove from Class

Mic Off

❏ Verbal Warning

❏ Turn Off Audio

❏ Sent to Waiting Room (Message with what child needs to do to return to class-with a set time limit)

❏ Remove from Class

Communication Spoken or Written

❏ Verbal Warning

❏ Sent to Waiting Room (Message with what child needs to do to return to class-with a set time limit)

❏ Remove from Class

* Students who use obscene or foul language will be directly sent to the waiting room. Students Should check the Chat to see directions on how to enter the class. (Some Examples: Any form of cursing, sexually explicit comments or gestures, racial slurs or symbols, and other derogatory comments)


Administrative Discipline Actions 

Teacher and/or Administrator Actions

❏ Notify parents of incident via email

❏ CC. Teacher/Administrator in parent communication.

After a scholar has been removed from class 3 times, a parent meeting session must be held with the administrator and teacher if possible.

❏ Once the administrator has reviewed the case and spoken with parent/scholar. A decision will be made if a scholar will be allowed to resume normal virtual tutoring sessions or if any further sessions will require conference.

Google Classroom Expectations

Harmony PRIDE

❏ P- Participate and engage with online learning

❏ R- Respect everyone; even when their opinion is different than your own

❏ I- Integrity, Show it in all your written and spoken communication

❏ D- Don’t be afraid to ask questions

❏ E- Effort, Always do your best

**Scholars may be subject to disciplinary actions if norms are not followed.

Online Communication 

❏ Appropriate use of classroom chats*

❏ Use of online jokes, sarcasm, slang words, text etc… is not acceptable*

❏ Email/chat etiquette (no text slang use clear and concise language)

❏ Make posts that are on topic and within the scope of the course material. ❏ Review and edit your posts before sending.

❏ Be as brief as possible while still making a thorough comment.

❏ Use standard fonts such as Ariel, Calibri or Times new Roman & Font size 10 or 12 pt.

❏ Avoid using the caps lock feature AS IT CAN BE INTERPRETED AS YELLING.*

❏ Limit and possibly avoid the use of emoticons

❏ Be careful with personal information (both yours and others).

❏ Parent communication with teachers should be via email only or parent conference

❏ Do not send confidential information via email, chat etc…*

❏ Do not make personal or insulting post

*Scholars may be muted from leaving comments/posts if norms are not followed.

School Assigned Chromebook Use 

❏ Appropriate use of Chromebooks per policy (go guardian)

❏ Chromebooks are for educational purposes

❏ Bullying/Cyber bullying will not be tolerated

❏ Don’t share your password with anyone

❏ Change your password if you think someone else might know it.

❏ Always log out when you are finished using the Chromebook



Bambi L. Teaff