April 7, 2022

Dear Harmony Parents and Guardians:

This has been an unusual school year as we experienced three school days that kept scholars from attending school due to inclement weather threats. Due to the district’s waiver application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA),  our scholars are not required to make up the days missed and may continue the school year as noted on the school calendar. 

Here is an explanation of how our school district’s calendar works that will hopefully help clarify any questions you may have. Each year, every campus is required to build a school calendar that entails 75,600 minutes. The calendar includes two inclement weather or missed school days for health or inclement weather/safety concerns.

If the campus experiences more than two inclement weather or missed school days, as we did this school year, the campus is eligible to apply for a missed school day waiver. The waiver adds the missed school day minutes back to the calendar and the minutes do not need to be made up. 

This is the situation that occurred this school year. The campus was closed for three school days, due to inclement weather/health or safety concerns. The campus applied for, and received a missed school day waiver and it was approved, therefore, the days do not need to be made up. 



Christian K. Parra

PEBT benefits will soon be available for families whose children have experienced COVID related absences and who qualify for free or reduced price benefits through the National School Lunch Program.  


Does my child qualify?


Both criteria must be met to qualify for PEBT benefits.


#1 A COVID related absence from August – December due to a positive test or exposure that has been verified by the campus.  COVID absences from January  – May will receive benefits in July.


#2 Eligible for free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program.  To determine your child’s eligibility, submit an application through www.schoolcafe.com.  Paper applications may also be requested from the school office.  Students attending a CEP campus or who are directly certified automatically meet the eligibility requirement.      


The deadline to complete a meal eligibility application is April 6th.  


If you have any questions, please contact your school’s Child Nutrition Assistant.